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THMG017 – Meters IV: From Data to Action

In this Episode Mike and Bob put the final piece in the Meters 4 part series. We discuss what the mindset is from the point that you get a number on your display, and the methods and reasons behind what to do.

THMG016 – Metering Techniques and Reading the Numbers

In this Episode Bob and Mike continue on the metering trail with installment #3. In this show we discuss what you do as a tech to actually take a reading, when your meter displays a number, what to do when you don't have a number, and thoughts on what to.

THMG015 – Advanced Metering

In this episode, Mike and Bob discuss the advanced metering technologies that are available on the market today. Though there may be some heavy science behind the technology, we try to break it down the basics for ease of understanding.

THMG014 – Metering Overview and Basic Sensors

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the enormous amount of information that this topic is, and the way we will try to explain the technologies and techniques in monitoring in general.

THMG013 – Chemical Suicide

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the topic of Chemical suicides and the techniques we use in the emergency services to mitigate and keep ourselves safe.

THMG012 – DOT406 Tank Leaks

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss Over-the-road fuel tank trucks and the problems that are associated with them. We sprinkle in a little bit of the nuts and bolts of the liquids carried, some plumbing tips and tactical considerations.

THMG011 – Interview With Jeff Zeintek

For those of you who don't know who Jeff is, he is the author of HazMat Response: A Field Operations Guide, A book made by Firefighters for Firefighters. Both Bob and Mike have one of these handy little books and love it. He is also a well-rounded Fire Officer and general nice guy.

THMG010 – Solubility

In this episode Mike and Bob go back into the science side of the coin to review a basic, yet very much misunderstood term in Haz Mat. Thanks for listening!

THMG009 – Leaking Fuel Tanks

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the various ways we remove fuel from leaking tanks and the considerations as to the techniques that are out there. Thanks for listening!

THMG007 – Radiation

In this episode we explore the wonderful world of radiation. Complete Show Notes 6:25 What is Radiation? Radiation is the easiest hazmat issue to deal with because...