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Welcome to The Hazmat Guys Podcast

Through podcasts, videos, forums, articles, and photos, The Hazmat Guys provide concise, easy to understand information for all aspects of Hazardous Materials response. We create a space to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences with colleagues, instructors, and students from across the country.

The Hazmat Guys Podcast will be the central hub of this website and will be used to share news, discussions, interviews, political debates, products, and tutorials. The ability for us to adapt to the request of our listeners and content providers allows us to produce shows to focus on key topics, hot issues, and emerging technologies.

We are striving to build community, and encourage you to contribute your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with us and the rest of the audience via the comments section, forums, and on our social media channels.

Please take a moment to go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast, and create a user account with us.

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