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Chemical & Physical Properties

Firefighters use a size-up to determine how the operation will unfold. Hazmat technicians use chemical and physical properties to help determine the operation on the scene of a hazardous materials event. We walk through the top 12 chemical and physical properties in detail. What they are. How they impact our decision-making process. How they can be used to predict outcomes and develop behavior models. Use of demonstration to help visually illustrate the impact of chemical and physical properties.


Hazardous materials pose a significant risk to people and the environment. For that reason, it is essential for companies and individuals to have a thorough understanding of the chemical and physical properties of hazardous materials. At The Haz Mat Guys, we are dedicated to providing the best online hazmat courses and in-person hazardous materials training to ensure that everyone has the necessary knowledge to keep themselves and their communities safe. Hire us today!

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The Importance of Understanding Chemical and Physical Properties

Chemical and physical properties are essential to understand when it comes to hazardous materials. Knowing the chemical properties of a hazardous material allows you to predict how it will react in different scenarios and the potential outcomes of those reactions. Additionally, you can use the physical properties to understand the physical characteristics of the hazardous material, such as its boiling point, flash point, and reactivity.

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Chemical Properties We Will Focus On

We will focus on various important chemical properties, such as acidity, reactivity, flammability, toxicity, and more. We will discuss how to use them to predict outcomes and develop behavior models. Additionally, we will use demonstrations to help you visually understand the impact of chemical and physical properties.

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Important Physical Properties to Understand

We will also discuss important physical properties, such as color, length, volume, opacity, and more. Our experts will explain how these properties impact how a hazardous material will behave in different scenarios and how they can be used to predict outcomes.

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