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Chemical Suicide

With a growing number of chemical suicides growing nationwide, our course will prepare a first responder and hazmat technician to deal with the chemical changes associated with many of today’s chemical suicides. Depth understanding of the chemicals involved, metering options, PPE selections, mitigation techniques, and essential hazmat operations response. From the first arriving company to Decon, this course hits every aspect of the response.

Chemical suicides are tragic events that can put first responders in danger, as the toxic chemicalsoften linger within the area. It is important to understand the proper procedures when handling these situations, and The Haz Mat Guys are here to help. Our company offers a wide range of podcasts, videos, in-person training, conferences, and e-courses to help educate companies and individuals about the dangers of hazmat situations and how to create safety plans for when they happen. Contact us to get started today!

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What Are Chemical Suicides?

Chemical suicide is a method of committing suicide that involves mixing common household products to produce toxic gas. This method does not involve knives, firearms, or medications, but instead involves chemicals that are easily accessible. The most common toxic gas produced is hydrogen sulfide, which is highly hazardous. 

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The Importance of Understanding These Tragedies

Chemical suicide poses a major threat to first responders, It is essential for first responders to understand the warning signs and how to protect themselves and others in the area. The Haz Mat Guys offer courses and courses to help teach the dangers of chemical suicide and how to respond properly.

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What You Will Learn

In our courses, students will learn what chemical suicide is, how hydrogen sulfide is produced, and the effects it has on first responders. They will also learn what basic household chemicals can be used, best practices for controlling the area and decontamination, and the threat of chemical-based suicides.

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Who This Course is For

This course is especially important for individuals who work as: 

  • Law Enforcement Patrol
  • Law Enforcement Supervisors
  • Detectives and Investigators
  • Coroners and MDI Investigators
  • Interested Students

The Haz Mat Guys are here to help you understand the dangers of chemical suicides and how your team can properly handle these dire situations. Contact us to get started with your courses today!

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