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Comprehensive Radiation Response Training
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Radiation response training is an essential component of any hazardous materials response team, and it’s no small topic. Here at The Hazmat Guys, we provide thorough training on effective radiation response, incorporating book knowledge and simulation technology alike to facilitate thorough understanding. 

Our radiation response training program covers everything from basic concepts to more advanced topics such as ALARA, and we tailor our program to the specific needs of your team. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to respond safely and effectively to any radiation response situation. Refresh your knowledge, learn new techniques, and engage in a course customized to whatever aspects your team requires. Register for our in-person radiation response course in New York, today!

Person using a dosimeter to detect radiation

Invest in Safety

By investing in our radiation response training program, you will also be investing in your team’s safety and the safety of your community. Being prepared for a radiation incident is critical and our program is designed to provide your team with the knowledge and skills required to respond effectively and efficiently.

Customizable Curriculum

When it comes to The Hazmat Guys, we’re proud to offer hazardous materials response training that is completely customized to your team. Our classes are designed for every level of your operation, from operations up to the incident commander and pre-planners. We believe that everyone on your team needs to understand the risks associated with radiation and how to respond to incidents safely and effectively. We can include any aspect of radiation response that you feel your team would benefit from most. Contact us today for more information on our hazmat training curriculum.

Someone getting radiation response training
Person checking dosimeter equipment

Comprehensive Training

Our training program incorporates the principles of As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) which is an important aspect of radiation safety. Our goal is to ensure your team can minimize the exposure to radiation in response operations. We utilize state-of-the-art simulation technology to provide your team with hands-on experience in the classroom, giving students a seamless education from book knowledge to operations.

At The Hazmat Guys, we understand the importance of radiation safety for hazardous materials response teams, and we are committed to providing your team with the tools they need to succeed. Join the many other hazmat response teams who have trusted us to provide them with the best possible training. Contact us today to schedule Radiation Response training.