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The Haz Mat Guys Episode Index

THMG001 – Introductions and Intents
THMG002 – 12 Tips to Become a Better Haz-Mat Technician
THMG003 – Toxics, Part I
THMG004 – Toxics, Part II
THMG005 – Flammability
THMG006 – Corrosives
THMG007 – Radiation
THMG008 – Oxidizers
THMG009 – Leaking Fuel Tanks
THMG010 – Solubility
THMG011 – Interview with Jeff Zeintek
THMG012 – DOT 406 Tank Leaks
THMG013 – Chemical Suicide
THMG014 – Metering Overview and Basic Sensors
THMG015 – Advanced Metering
THMG016 – Metering Techniques and Reading the Numbers
THMG017 – Meters IV: From Data to Action
THMG018 – Mercury Incidents
THMG019 – Wives’ Tales of Hazmat
THMG020 – Interview with Trey Sieger of 908 Devices
THMG021 – Communications
THMG022 – DOT 407
THMG023 – Holiday Findings
THMG024 – Decontamination, Part I
THMG025 – Decontamination, Part II
THMG026 – Decontamination, Part III
THMG027 – Decontamination, Part IV
THMG028 – Decontamination, Part V: EMS with Will Bedoya
THMG029 – Decontamination, Part VI: Hospital Decon with Tony Egan
THMG030 – Polymerization
THMG031 – DOT 412 Tankers
THMG032 – Propane, Part I
THMG033 – Propane, Part II
THMG034 – WMD, Part I
THMG035 – WMD, Part II
THMG036 – ERG Review with The Firefighter Podcast
THMG037 – Cryogenics, Part I
THMG038 – Cryogenics, Part II
THMG039 – PPE Selection Secrets, Part I
THMG040 – PPE Selection Secrets, Part II
THMG041 – Grounding and Bonding, Part I
THMG042 – Grounding and Bonding, Part II
THMG043 – APIE, Part I
THMG044 – APIE, Part II
THMG045 – APIE, Part III
THMG046 – APIE, Part IV (With Outtakes)
THMG047 – Interview with Dave DeGregorio, Director of Massachusetts Hazmat
THMG048 – APIE, Part V
THMG049 – Laws and the Haz Mat Tech, Part I
THMG050 – Laws and the Haz Mat Tech, Part II
THMG051 – 49 CFR, Part I
THMG052 – 49 CFR, Part II
THMG053 – Hazmat Weather with Bob Metcalfe from The Firefighter Podcast
THMG054 – Interview with Dr. Denis Onieal, Deputy Director of US Fire Administration (Part I)
THMG055 – Interview with Dr. Denis Onieal, Deputy Director of US Fire Administration (Part II)
THMG056 – 29 CFR OSHA PPE Selection, Part I
THMG057 – 29 CFR OSHA PPE Selection, Part II
THMG058 – Phase Changes
THMG059 – Hydrogen Sulfide, Part I
THMG060 – Hydrogen Sulfide, Part II
THMG061 – Acute Toxic Class Syndrome
THMG062 – Interview with NFPA Chairman Greg Noll
THMG063 – Top 5 Chemicals That Will Hurt You
THMG064 – 6 Tips to Make You a Better Resource Officer
THMG065 – How to Be a Better Entry Technician
THMG066 – Hazmat Codes with Jim Jaracz
THMG067 – Acid / Base Titration
THMG068 – 6 Tips to Become a Better Radiation Technician
THMG069 – Knowing and Understanding Units of Measurement
THMG070 – Basic Hazmat Radiation with Bobby Shelton
THMG071 – Meter Reading, Sensor Response, and Measurement Metering Ranges
THMG072 – 10 Tips to Become a Better Mercury Technician
THMG073 – Leaking Tanks 2.0
THMG074 – Hazmat NIMS
THMG075 – Boyle, Henry, Charles, and Dalton
THMG076 – TRACEM, Part I
THMG078 – Placards and Labels, Part I
THMG079 – Placards and Labels, Part II
THMG080 – Bakken Crude Derailment with Chad Hawkins
THMG080a – The 1064nm Raman Advantage by Rigaku
THMG081 – Tips to Perform Better in Level A
THMG082 – Interview with Dan Baker and Ed Fletcher of NYS OFPC
THMG083 – Fentanyl, Part I: Interview with Toby Frost
THMG084 – MC 331 Compressed Gas Cargo Tanker Overview
THMG085 – Fentanyl, Part II: Interview with Brain Escamilla
THMG085a – FLIR Brings Us PRIMED and the New G510
THMG086 – Fentanyl, Part III: Interview with Dr. Christina Baxter
THMG087 – Batteries with Paul Rogers
THMG088 – Fentanyl, Part IV: Analysis from The Haz Mat Guys
THMG089 – Cylinders, Part I
THMG090 – Cylinders, Part II
THMG091 – Cylinders, Part III
THMG092 – Metal Fires
THMG093 – Extinguishing Agents, Part I
THMG094 – Extinguishing Agents, Part II
THMG095 – Extinguishing Agents, Part III
THMG096 – Hurricane Harvey Wrap-Up
THMG097 – Free Online Resources, Part I
THMG098 – Free Online Resources, Part II
THMG098a – DuPont Brings Us Chemical Protective Suits Explained
THMG099 – Free Online Resources, Part III
THMG099a – RAILS with Spectral Labs
THMG100 – Interview With Bob And Mike
THMG101 – Chemistry Nomenclature
THMG101a – DuPont and Fentanyl
THMG102 – Absorbents vs. Adsorbents
THMG103 – Tier II Reporting for New York City Explained
THMG103a – High-Pressure Mass Spectrometry with 908 Devices
THMG104 – Propane Scenarios, Part I: Tank on Fire
THMG104a – Spatially-Offset Raman with Cobalt Light Systems
THMG105 – Propane Scenarios, Part II: Leaking Tank
THMG106 – Wet Chemistry Introduction with Todd Burton
THMG107 – Bhopal Case Study
THMG108 – Water-Reactive Substances
THMG109 – Chemical Suicide Scenarios, Part I
THMG110 – Chemical Suicide Scenarios, Part II
THMG111 – Functional Groups: Alcohols
THMG112 – Chernobyl Case Study
THMG113 – Energy Storage Systems With Paul Rogers
THMG114 – Productive Communication with Superiors
THMG115 – Ethanol with Dan Baker and Ed Fletcher of NYS OFPC
THMG115a – DuPont Brings Us NFPA Garments Explained
THMG116 – Cost Recovery with John Scott
THMG117 – NFPA 1072 Unpacked, Part I
THMG118 – Functional Groups: Organic Peroxides
THMG119 – Interview with David Lesak, Part I
THMG120 – Interview with David Lesak, Part II
THMG121 – NFPA 1072 Unpacked, Part II
THMG122 – Liquids, Part II
THMG123 – Chemical Reactions
THMG124 – SL-1 Radiation Fatalities with Gail Carter
THMG125 – Fentanyl Detection Devices
THMG126 – Hot Wash: Sodium Hydrosulfite
THMG127 – Clan Labs, Part I: Marijuana with Todd Burton
THMG128 – Clan Labs, Part II: Marijuana with Todd Burton
THMG128a – Advanced Fentanyl Detection Techniques with Dr. Mark Norman of 908 Devices
THMG129 – Fuel Blending Case Study
THMG130 – Novichok
THMG131 – Hydrogen Vehicles & Filling Stations with Jen Hamilton
THMG132 – Vapor Pressure vs. Volatility
THMG133 – So You Want to Run a Hazmat Conference?
THMG133a – Interview with Dräger’s Paul Tarter
THMG134 – Sulfuric Shirt Incident
THMG135 – Hazmat RIT with Mark Sicuso
THMG135a – Live Show at Baltimore 2018 Courtesy of 908 Devices
THMG136 – Biological Facilities Intro with Jacqui Hardt
THMG137 – TATP Techniques with Dr. Mike Logan
THMG138 – Interview with Mike Callan, Part I
THMG139 – Interview with Mike Callan, Part II
THMG140 – 11 Tips for Responding to Mixed Loads
THMG141 – Laser Methane Detectors
THMG142 – Synthetic Opioids
THMG143 – The Periodic Table, Part I
THMG144 – The Periodic Table, Part II
THMG145 – NDIR Overview
THMG146 – Hot Wash: Cylinders with Bob Coschignano
THMG147 – Hydrofluoric Acid Series, Part I: Introductions
THMG148 – Hydrofluoric Acid Series, Part II: Interview with Stephen McManus
THMG149 – Metal Oxide Sensors
THMG150 – Hot Wash: Pool Chlorine
THMG151 – Hydrofluoric Acid Series, Part III: Anonymous Interview
THMG152 – Acrolein, Part I
THMG153 – Acrolein, Part II
THMG155 – Assays and Colorimetrics
THMG156 – Chemical Agent Monitors, Part I
THMG157 – Chemical Agent Monitors, Part II
THMG158 – Chemical Agent Monitors, Part III
THMG159 – Hot Wash: Propane, Part I
THMG160 – Hot Wash: Propane, Part II
THMG161 – Listener Questions with Mike
THMG162 – Hazmat RIT Discussion
THMG163 – Hot Wash: Acid Spill
THMG164 – Refrigerants Incidents, Part I
THMG164a – Interview with Chris Hodge
THMG165 – Refrigerants Incidents, Part II
THMG166 – Near-Fatal Chlorine Incident Review
THMG167 – Hot Wash: Batteries
THMG168 – The Murse
THMG169 – Fourth Generation Chemical Agents, Part I
THMG170 – Fourth Generation Chemical Agents, Part II
THMG171 – Explosives in the Mangroves
THMG172 – Scrubbin’ Some Ammonia
THMG173 – Listener Mail Bag
THMG174 – Foam Operations with Joe Bateman
THMG175 – Shelter in Place Concepts, Part I
THMG176 – Shelter in Place Concepts, Part II
THMG177 – Hot Wash: CO2
THMG178 – Hot Wash: CO2 Incident and Acid Bath
THMG179 – Hot Wash: Paraquat Dichloride
THMG180 – Avoid These Pitfalls When Purchasing Meters
THMG181 – HM Codes Class Evaluation with Jim Jaracz
THMG182 – Hot Wash: Nitric Acid & Acetone
THMG183 – Leaking MC331 Scenario, Part I
THMG184 – Leaking MC331 Scenario, Part II
THMG184a – Advanced Communication with Cavcom
THMG185 – Propane Flaring Techniques with Ron Huffman
THMG185a – Infomercial with Toby Bevelacqua at IAFC
THMG186 – MC331 Wrap-Up & Some Tidbits
THMG187 – Pumps
THMG188 – More PPE Selection Secrets