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THMG141 – Laser Methane Detectors

In this episode, Mike and Bob discuss a new tool for laser methane detection, which has been in the hazmat industry for a long...

THMG115 – Ethanol with Dan Baker and Ed Fletcher of NYS...

In this episode, we discuss ethanol with Dan Baker and Ed Fletcher from the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control. Complete Show...

THMG111 – Functional Groups: Alcohols

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss alcohols, which are part of functional groups. Complete Show Notes 4:45 What is a Functional Group? Group of atoms that...

THMG087 – Batteries with Paul Rogers

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss battery technology with Paul Rogers and how it affects hazmat materials technicians. Complete Show Notes 1:20 Introduction to Paul...

ATHMG006 – Ask the Haz Mat Guys, Episode VI

In this episode, we answer the following questions: Why does flammability increase in oxygen-rich or oxygen-deficient environments? What are must-have sensors for a 6-gas meter with...

THMG059 – Hydrogen Sulfide, Part I

In this episode we begin to explore the most common chemicals that we in the streets respond to. We begin this with Hydrogen Sulfide.

THMG044 – APIE, Part II

We continue try to break the incredibly overwhelming task of decision making down to a simple flow better known as APIE. This will be a multi-part series that you won't want to miss.

THMG042 – Grounding and Bonding, Part II

In this episode the gang discusses some current topics for the world, and strategic and tactical considerations for this.

THMG041 – Grounding And Bonding, Part I

PART 1 - Mike and Bob explore the terms and theory behind Grounding and Bonding.

THMG037 – Cryogenics, Part I

In this miniseries of Cryogenics, Mike and Bob discuss a growing hazard to operators in the field. Its nice to be cold in the summer?