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THMG032 – Propane, Part I

In this rather short series, Mike and Bobby discuss propane, and start off the topic with a bang!

THMG031 – DOT 412 Tankers

In this rather short episode, we review one of the over-the-road containers that are prevalent.

THMG029 – Decontamination, Part VI: Hospital Decon with Tony Egan

Finally! Listen in on the final Decon episode with special Guest Tony Egan. Tony has an impressive resume dealing with emergency management in the hospital setting. We'll discuss the transition of the patient from the ambulance through the hospital.

THMG027 – Decontamination, Part IV

In this episode, Mike and Bob sweep up the last crumbs and finish up the final points of decon before we go into EMS and Hospital.

THMG026 – Decontamination, Part III

In this episode Mike and Bob Continue on our journey of discussing the various methods of cleaning nouns.

THMG025 – Decontamination, Part II

In this episode Bob and Mike begin to speak about the different techniques that we employ to decontaminate nouns. Yup, nouns, take a listen.

THMG024 – Decontamination, Part I

In this episode Bob and Mike start off a multi-part series on all aspects of Decontamination. From the whys, all the way to the hospital.

THMG021 – Communications

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the topic of communicating while in a Hazardous Materials operation.

THMG020 – Interview with Trey Sieger of 908 Devices

In this episode, Bob gets to delve a little deeper into Mass Spectrometry with 908 devices resident expert Trey Sieger.

THMG019 – Wives’ Tales of Haz Mat

In this episode we discuss the stories and “facts” about our line of work, and how sometimes they don't always add up when put under the microscope.