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THMG039 – PPE Selection Secrets, Part I

In this episode, Mike and Bobby Discuss the points for consideration for PPE selection, and the reasons why we go into what we go into...

THMG038 – Cryogenics, Part II

Completing this miniseries of Cryogenics, Mike and Bob discuss a growing hazard to operators in the field. Its nice to be cold in the summer?

THMG035 – WMD, Part II

In part two of a two part series on WMD we start discussing and breaking down various terms.

THMG018 – Mercury Incidents

In this episode we answer a listener request for information on response to incidents involving Mercury.

THMG009 – Leaking Fuel Tanks

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the various ways we remove fuel from leaking tanks and the considerations as to the techniques that are out there. Thanks for listening!

THMG003 – Toxics, Part I

In this episode we discuss the hazards of Toxics and what they mean to you. We broke this topic into 2 segments.