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Hazmat Training for Technicians

The Hazmat Guys are a team of experienced hazmat professionals who provide a range of educational and training services to help others stay safe while working with hazardous materials. Our mission is to provide the highest quality hazmat education through our podcast, websites, and social media channels to help individuals and organizations respond to incidents involving hazardous materials. Our Technician Membership was created to meet the needs specifically of technicians in both the public and private sector.

Technician Membership

We’ve created a membership tailored to the needs of municipal workers and technicians who work in private industry. Our technician membership includes:

  • Full access to the complete archives of The Hazmat Guys podcast
  • Access to a premium Facebook group where you’ll have the opportunities to interact with The Hazmat Guys one-on-one
  • Access to our premium Vimeo channel where you’ll find the add-free video version of our show
  • A valuable 5% off coupon to use towards the merchandise in The Hazmat Guys store
Technician Membership

Our Commitment to You

The Hazmat Guys are committed to helping hazmat professionals stay safe and informed while working with hazardous materials. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive hazardous materials safety education available. Our technician membership provides access to the vast array of educational resources and services that The Hazmat Guys offer. Whether you are looking for basic safety information or more specialized situations, we have you covered. Check out our podcast and sign up for a technician membership today!

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Sign Up for a Technician Membership Today

The Technicians Membership from The Hazmat Guys provides you with the educational resources you need to stay safe on the job. Whether you do municipal work or are a technician in the private industry, our hazmat educational membership will help you become a part of a community where you can find education, training, and support from others who understand your occupation. Sign up for an account today.