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THMG011 – Interview With Jeff Zeintek


Jeff Zeintek is the author of Hazmat Response: A Field Operations Guide, which is an extremely valuable resource for hazmat personnel and firefighters.

Complete Show Notes

0:45 Background on Jeff Zeintek

  • Author of Hazmat Response: A Field Operations Guide
  • Almost 30 years of experience in the hazmat field
  • Works for the Phoenix Fire Department as the responding hazmat TRT fire safety officer
  • Phoenix FD works with 27 other fire departments

3:00 Jeff’s Book: Hazmat Response: Field Operations Guide (FOG)

  • Subtitled “A Comprehensive Guide to Assist with Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Designed to jog your memory and make sure you’re following the rules you need to follow
  • Far superior to checklists that were used in the past
  • Also includes identification for motor carriers, information and hints on common calls, chemical reference information, and much more
  • Very applicable for downrange situations
  • Also includes pictures, is easy to read and understand, and fits in your pocket
  • Interested in explaining how you run a hazardous materials call in detail

7:45 Jeff’s Thoughts on the Future of Hazmat

  • Technology is making it easier to accurately identify things in the field
  • Thinks CBRN is going to be a bit more prevalent – dissemination is the way to go
  • We also need to know how to protect ourselves from dangerous situations
  • Even with the advent of technology, firefighters and hazmat techs should be consulting books (in addition to the internet and their phones
  • Jeff likes to use WISER and PEAC-WMD

14:40 How Jeff Decided What to Include in the Book

  • Wanted to include things that are very important but can easily be forgotten
  • Also wanted to include over the road transport and railway stuff
  • Narrowed topics down to give readers a general overview of what they’ll probably encounter

17:50 Best Advice Jeff Has Received

  • Research drives every call and provides you with the background you need when dealing with hazardous substances
  • If anyone doesn’t agree with the research, you can discuss it and then recalibrate

21:30 What Jeff Finds Exciting About Job

  • Working as a helicopter crew chief conducting helicopter rescues – hasn’t used this for hazmat, though
  • Working as a firefighter brings him enjoyment every day

25:45 Contact Information

  • Jeff’s book is available through eBay, Amazon, and his website
  • Facebook: Hazmat Response
  • Twitter: @HazmatFOG
  • Instagram: Hazmat Response

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