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THMG023 – Holiday Findings


In this episode Mike and Bob find out new and possibly exciting things to keep in your mind for the upcoming year.

Complete Show Notes

00:50 Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

  • Single most prominent chemical of ones that are dangerous to human life
  • Most people aren’t very concerned about it, though, including governments, civic organizations, industrial complex, etc.
  • Found in every single living cancer cell that’s been biopsied
  • Link between dihydrogen monoxide and school violence, too – available to students at all ages within the safe confines of the building
  • Dangers related to DHMO
    • Death due to accidental inhalation
    • Prolonged exposure to solid DHMO
    • Severe burns from gas form of DHMO
    • Soil erosion
    • Corrosion and oxidation of metals
    • Reduces effectiveness of automobile brakes
    • Associated with cyclones and hurricanes

4:30 Getting the Most Out of Your PID

  • Hack your PID to get up to 1.21-gigawatt bulb equivalent
  • Involves taking a mid-range welder and using the arc within the welder to separate the bonds within chemicals
  • At the end, you can reverse the process and convert everything back to the way it was originally because PID is a non-destructive metering source

6:00 Detecting Microwave Leaks on Rooftops

  • Multiple leaks of radiation from cell phone towers have occurred lately
  • Concern for roof firefighters going up to these multiple dwellings and being exposed
  • Rudimentary solution: take a 6-foot pipe pole or hook and tape something as simple as Jiffy-Pop to the end of the hook – walk with it in front of you – if you hear the kernels popping, you have a radiation leak and can act accordingly
  • You can also just take a few kernels and duct tape them to the end of the halogen hook

8:00 Implantable Nostril Meters

  • These will completely revolutionize the industry
  • Company making them is also coming up with a Level A suit with a rubber butyl gasket that allows your head to be outside the suit
  • They’re also developing Vaseline-like gel to protect your face when you’re wearing this company’s Level A suit

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