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THMG065 – How to Be a Better Entry Technician


In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss how to be a better entry technician.

Complete Show Notes

6:25 1. Know Your Equipment

  • What is it capable of doing?
  • What’s its primary function?
  • What can you make it do?
  • What can it do when used “outside the box?”

10:00 2. Be Comfortable in Your PPE

  • There are a lot of choices – train in all of them
  • Understand the limitations and capabilities of each level
  • Train to be self-sufficient with equipment
  • Make sure your size is on the rig

12:30 3. Don’t be a Jerk

  • Just don’t do it!

14:30 4. Listen to Your Team

  • There’s a lot of experience on a hazmat, and everyone can add something of value
  • Accept that there are different points of view and different ways of doing things

18:10 5. Slow Down and Take It All In

  • Remember that you didn’t start the emergency
  • Slowing down helps us get a better idea of what’s happening
  • This also helps us prioritize and makes it easier to follow the plan

20:15 6. Constantly be Evaluating

  • Do you have everything you need?
  • If not, do you have a plan to get everything you need?
  • Are you ready to take the next step?

25:15 7. Have Good Communication Skills

  • This applies to your entry partner, your backup team, your officer, and the incident commander
  • Do you know where your decon is?
  • Have you and your partner worked together?
  • What are your weaknesses, and what can you do to improve upon them?

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