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THMG099 – Free Online Resources, Part III


We wrap up our free resources series with computer- and web-based software and answer a question from Jake Burns on propane.

Complete Show Notes
More Free Software

1:35 Chemical Companion

  • From Emergency Response Decision Support Systems
  • Designed to make decision making and situational analysis faster
  • Interprets data from first responder instruments
  • Free for all military personnel, law enforcement officers, and first responders

4:30 Realistic Adaptive Interactive Learning Systems (RAILS)

  • From Spectral Labs
  • Simulation-based learning system
  • Also includes a wide range of training games
  • Different tutorial levels enable trainee to practice instrument operation
  • Each level followed up by a debrief where the user can ask questions and see their scores


  • From the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and the National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • Database of chemical molecules and their activities against biological assays
  • Maintained by the federal government, so the information is constantly updated and growing
  • Three different primary databases: compounds, substances, and bioassay bioactivity results
  • Also includes an extremely robust search engine and links up to PUBMED
  • Not designed for beginners or first responders

12:15 OnPointEHS First Responders

  • From RightAnswer
  • Integrated, single-search system with access to around 100 government and academic data sources
  • Free to all qualified U.S. first responders
  • ChemCollection™ System (ChemID) provides data from over 75 sources, including CAMEO, WISER, NIOSH, and much more

15:45 Radioactive Decay Calculator

  • From the University of Washington Environmental Health and Safety
  • Interactive tool with 118 listed radioisotopes that allows users to quickly calculate decay times
  • Also includes conversion and date calculators

17:20 RadPro Calculator

  • Interactive tool for radiation calculators and conversions
  • Designed for the nuclear industry, rather than first responders
  • Assists with activity conversions, decay and half-life calculations, ALARA calculations, and much more

20:15 IEC Chemical Precursor Database

  • From Todd Burton and the Industrial Emergency Council (IEC)
  • Helps you determine the potential chemical physical properties of precursors, byproducts, and monitoring alternatives
  • Enter chemicals you’ve encountered, and software helps you decide if the scene is a drug or explosives lab
  • Identifies byproducts of the manufacturing processes and their properties
  • Intended for use by first responders, hazmat technicians, bomb squads, and law enforcement personnel

22:50 CHEMWATCH SmartSuite

  • Paid subscription – only resource from these podcasts that isn’t free
  • Collection of chemical management tools/modules
  • Includes SmartSDS, SmartINI, Smart ER, and SmartCOBRA

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