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THMG128 – Clan Labs, Part II: Marijuana with Todd Burton


In this episode, we finish our discussion of BHO (butane honey oil) and marijuana with our friend Todd Burton.

Complete Show Notes

Re-Introduction to Todd Burton

  • Joined San Diego county hazmat team in 1999
  • Responds to incidents alongside the San Diego fire department
  • Team goes on around 500 runs per year and gets 1-2 calls per day
  • Jurisdiction covers the entire county, which is around 4,000 square miles
  • Registered environmental health specialist – trained at the hazmat level
  • Sees a lot of trans-border action since they’re very close to Mexico

2:08 THC Extraction Methods

  • Butane honey oil (BHO)
  • Hash – hand rolled
  • Keif – dry sift and compressed
  • Ice water – bubble bags, then dried out
  • Rosin – sisters flat iron or big hot flat presses
  • Liquid solvents
    • Polar solvents – isopropyl and ethanol; terpenes and chlorophyll dissolve
    • Non-polar solvents – hexane and pentane are used and leave the chlorophyll behind
  • Liquefied gasses
    • Open blasting – butane and propane
    • Closed loop blasting – passive (no pumps to circulate butane) or active (pumps circulate butane)
  • Winterization
    • Removing plant fats with ethanol
    • Distillation – rotovap
    • Carbon and silica filtering
  • Cylinder mitigation
    • Closed loop systems under pressure
    • Venting
    • Counter charging
    • Flaring

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