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THMG133a – Interview with Dräger’s Paul Tarter


In this episode, Bob and Mike sit down with Paul Tarter from Dräger to discuss the company’s latest product developments for communication and gas detection in hazmat.

Complete Show Notes

00:35 Introduction to Paul Tarter

  • Been with Dräger just over 2 years – started as a regional sales rep in the south central United States
  • Moved into the product management side – covers breathing systems (SCBA, rebreathers, testing equipment, etc.)
  • Dräger has been around since 1907 in the United States
  • Known for their gas detection equipment, colorimetric tubes, SCBA, TICs, Class A & Class B training props, scuba equipment, and much more

2:40 Dräger FPS-COM® 7000 Team Talk

  • Launched in the United States last year
  • Communications system that mounts onto your SCBA
  • Comes with voice amplifiers on both sides of the mask and also offers radio and Bluetooth compatibility
    • Standalone radio system means you don’t need a preexisting radio system
    • Connecting via Bluetooth is a good alternative to the radio and allows for multiple communication lines
  • 300 foot range outside and 90 foot range inside – ideal for communicating in heavy Level A suits downrange
  • Very easy to use in comparison with the current technology and offers crystal clear sound, even when you’re masked up
  • Up to 10 different channels (or groups) available, and each group can accommodate 10 different people – helpful because each of your teams can be in their own group
  • Can be fully submerged during decon – no need to remove it from your mask
  • Hazmat teams that have tried the Team Talk system have responded very positively

14:15 Dräger X-am® 8000 Multi-Gas Detection Unit

  • X-am® is Dräger’s gas detection product line
  • 5-slot instrument that allows you to use 5 different sensors to detect 7 different gasses
  • Several combination sensors available, including hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide
  • You can put a PID on the unit – broad range or low concentration models available for ppm or ppb detection
  • All told, there are 150 different combinations you can create for your unit due to the extensive customization options
  • Mike loves the extendable probe because he doesn’t have to bend over to use it
  • Easy-to-read color display that lights up as soon as the meter picks something up – easy to read down range or in Level A
  • Bluetooth option coming later this year – will allow unit to pair to Dräger CSE Connect on a secure phone and transmit real-time readings back to a secure site
  • Much lighter than its predecessor – weight has been halved for ease of use and transport
  • Uses inductive charging, which means the battery is completely sealed within the unit – simply place it on top of the charging base
  • Feedback has been very positive – users love the unit’s “fit factor” (ease of use) and how easy it is to maintain

23:45 What to Expect from Dräger in the Future

  • The Dräger X-am® 3500 Multi-Gas Detection Unit is coming out in the next few months
    • Basic 4-gas detector with all of the same great features of the X-am® 8000 unit
    • Ideal for departments that don’t need all the bells and whistles offered by the 8000
  • New helmet line
    • Dräger talked to end users about what they want in a helmet – they like the European style, but don’t want anything covering their ears
    • Engineers have created a prototype that is about to go into the initial phases of production – should be available with the next few years
    • Helmets will be suppression (structural firefighting) and NSF-51 certified
  • Scuba line
    • Just released open circuit scuba products (masks and regulators) for dive rescue teams
    • Uses same connections of Dräger SCBA for convenience

28:05 Where to Learn More

  • Website
  • YouTube
  • Look for Dräger at regional trade shows and some smaller shows, too

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