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THMG161 – Listener Questions with Mike


In this episode, Mike answers a few listener questions while Bob’s on assignment learning about flammable liquids.

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Complete Show Notes

5:15 What is a Backup Team and What are Their Duties?

  • Mike’s department uses their backup team as a RIT (rapid intervention team)
  • He’d prefer they were two separate teams, though – RIT team needs to be ready to perform an extrication, and the backup team is there to conclude the operation
  • In some operations, stopping can make things worse – backup team should be ready to take over mitigation team while RIT pulls victim out
  • Backup team usually wears the same thing the entry thing is wearing, while RIT should be wearing something like the Lion MT94™
  • RIT is extricating someone who’s down, but they don’t need to be in bunker gear because they won’t be in the situation that long
  • MT94™ offers significant abrasion protection and is extremely flexible, which is a must for RIT performing rescues

16:00 Do Strong Readings on 4 Gas Meters Mean Strong Reactions on CO Meters?

  • CO meter usually won’t provide a chemical reaction with an O2 reading
  • Your best bet is to ask the manufacturer if a high O2 reading will affect your CO meter
  • Every manufacturer is a little bit different, which means cross-sensitivities also vary

18:30 How Can We Help Hazmat Teams Choose the Proper PPE?

  • Bob and Mike created a flow chart to help them make decisions, but they can be too rigid sometimes
  • In many cases, your situation won’t fall perfectly into that set of circumstances
  • The key is to work backwards to figure out whether a level of protection is too high – try to back-test it and argue against yourself
  • If you can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t be in that level of PPE, you’ve made the right decision

22:40 Finding All of Our Episodes on iTunes

23:45 How Can We Simulate Hits on Meters for Training Purposes?

  • Check out the cross-sensitivity list provided by your manufacturer
  • Almost every meter out there has some type of cross-sensitivity to it
  • Most of them pick up on common, everyday substances like mouthwash, brake fluid, floor wax, helium, etc.
  • You can use these safe substances to simulate hazardous environments for training purposes

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