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THMG162 – Hazmat RIT Discussion


In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss RITs (rapid intervention teams) and their role in our hazmat responses.

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Complete Show Notes

6:00 Thinking About RITs (Rapid Intervention Teams)

  • We don’t really think about RITs, but they’re very important
  • Should be different from your backup team and should be wearing different PPE
  • Someone called Bob a few months ago and asked if his department has a separate RIT – they don’t
  • They have a FAST (firefighter assist and search team), though

9:50 Training and PPE for RITs

  • Bob thinks you can send an operations-level firefighter down range to bring someone out
  • RIT members aren’t doing mitigation, so you don’t need to use a technician
  • Most common reason to need a RIT is for a slip, trip, or fall
  • Statistically speaking, it’s more than likely that only one guy will be affected
  • RITs are important because in many cases, victims don’t have a partner who can pull them out
  • PPE should also be different – probably don’t want your RIT in Level A since they need flexibility
  • In some cases, operations-level firefighters are bringing victims into the warm zone – can’t expect them to do emergency decon and emergency doff

26:15 Emergency Extrications

  • Important to remember and understand that the victim is going to get dirty and probably won’t walk away unscathed
  • Bob and Mike agree that operations-level people are more than qualified to perform emergency extrications
  • Brainstormed strategies for quickly getting someone out of a Level A suit

28:25 Specialized Things RITs Need

  • To start with, you’ll need an extraordinary officer to lead the team
  • Tools RITs should have:
    • Sked®
    • Short piece of webbing with a loop in it
    • Set of suit slicers

35:15 The Hazmat Huddle and RITs

  • Mike is wondering if RITs even have time for a hazmat huddle depending on the scenario
  • If we’re trying to preserve property, we’ll probably have time for a hazmat huddle
  • Everything depends on the specific scenario you’re in, though
  • This isn’t heavily discussed, but Bob and Mike feel it should be – these conversations need to be happening at your job

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