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THMG183 – Leaking MC331 scenario – Part 1


This was originally supposed to be a quick one show hotwash, but it expanded just as much as propane does! We go into some deep dive explanations on how propane works and get into the weeds on tanks and operations. Bookmark this one!

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  1. Overturn 331 caring propane
    1. basics of a 331
      1. Purpose
        1. What it holds
      2. Construction
        1. Shape
        2. material
  2. scenario
    1. First due units arrived on scene to find a 331 on its side. Driver was able to get out and on the side of the road with no injuries
    2. questions
      1. Is anything leaking?
        1. why is this question important
        2. where might i be looking
          1. transfer valves both liquid and vapor on the belly of the tank
          2. relief valves at top of the tank
          3. but that idea of vapor and pressure release for in the normal upright position, how does the position now changed it.?
            1. all lines might push out liquid
            2. the pressure relief might push out liquid

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