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In this episode, Bob and Mike sit down with Jon Baldridge from CavCom to discuss in-suit communication. They enjoyed learning about the cutting-edge technology that allows us to effectively communicate in tenuous situations.

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Complete Show Notes

0:45 Background on CavCom

  • Jon is a Senior Technical Specialist at CavCom
  • CavCom is a radio communications and hearing protection company
  • They’re a two-way radio dealer and manufacturer of radio communication accessories specifically designed for use in industry and emergency response applications
  • CavCom has been in business for over 20 years and has sales and technical staff throughout the United States
  • Prides themselves on designing and carrying top-of-the-line products and standing out above the competition with their service team – the success of their customers is their number one priority

1:50 What is Talk Through Your Ears® (TTYE) Technology?

  • The ultimate two-radio radio accessory that allows users to transmit and listen to radio communications through specialized earpieces
  • Small microphone located in the earset picks up the voice in the ear canal
  • Allows the user to use virtually any respirator and any suit without sacrificing the ability to communicate clearly, regardless of the environment

4:30 Is This a Standalone System?

  • TTYE is an accessory for a two-radio, allowing your team to choose the radio that’s best for you
  • CavCom’s TTYE system connects to your radio system
  • If you need to upgrade or change radios, they simply send a new adapter cable – you don’t need to purchase a new communication system

8:15 Is TTYE Dependent on Specific SCBAs or Suits?

  • Since it’s an in-ear product, TTYE works independently of PPE
  • Can be used in or out of your suit and with or without PPE
  • TTYE can be used with any SCBA or PAPR, any suit, and any two-way radio

13:25 How Does TTYE Compare to In-Suit Communication Options?

  • When customers try TTYE, they have an overwhelmingly positive response
  • The sound quality is better from the in-ear microphone than older bone conduction style microphones
  • Many other in-ear products don’t stay in the user’s ear, but TTYE does
  • TTYE earsets are designed for comfort and will stay in the ear for hours of use
  • Many options available to fit all sizes and shapes of ears – custom earpieces are even available
  • Self-contained inside a chest harness
  • Easy to use, comfortable, and designed for even the harshest of environments

20:00 Who’s Using TTYE?

  • Used by a variety of industries and emergency response departments throughout North America
  • CavCom works with Level A, B, and C teams that rely on effective communication
  • Used by fire departments on the city, state, county, and federal levels, along with military branches, chemical teams, general industry, and more
  • Used in a variety of environments, including confined spaces and for technical rescues

20:45 CavCom’s Other Offerings

  • CavCom has a full line of two-way radios, including portable and mobile options
  • Also have radio accessories designed for industry and emergency response, from lapel microphones and headsets to radio monitoring earsets
  • Teams connected through radios and speaker microphones have found that using CavCom’s
    RadioGear® monitoring earsets gives them clear audio and allows them to focus on the task at hand
  • Also offer many options for hearing protection, including custom earplugs

21:45 Is CavCom a Radio Dealer?

  • Yes – they are a Hytera radio dealer
  • They also have a radio repair department that can repair all two-way radios
  • Pride themselves on offering excellent service and response times

23:45 How Can We Give This Technology a Try?

  • Stop by their booth (#205) at IAFC International Hazmat Response Teams Conference 2019 for on-site demos
  • They have sales and technical staff who can assist you with the process
  • Encourage teams to use their trial program to actually try the equipment connected to your radios prior to purchase
  • Video training and on-site services are also available

26:50 Contacting CavCom

  • Call them toll-free at 1 (866) 547-4988
  • Visit

Have a question? Send an email to or leave a message on our Haz Mat Guys comment hotline: 843-628-1484

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