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THMG186 – MC331 Wrap-Up & Some Tidbits


In this episode, Bob and Mike wrap up their discussion of MC331 tankers. They also discuss a recent run Mike was on and what his team could have done differently.

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Complete Show Notes

4:15 Flipping MC331 Tanks

  • How do we know whether or not we can flip the tank – especially one that’s on its side?>/li>
  • Typically there’s some aspect of speed built into the flipping action
  • Road acts as sandpaper against the metal when they’re skidding, which thins the wall
  • This is even more critical across a welded seam

7:00 MC331 Dents & Damage

  • Look for dents and damage – keep in mind that the size of the dent isn’t as important as its sharpness
  • Dent gauges help you see how far in the dent is
  • If the dent is big enough, you’ll have increased pressure in the tank (since the volume has been decreased by the dent)
  • Important to determine whether there’s damage across any of the welds – this is a source for concern
  • The type of material, internal pressure, and damage to the tank all come together and give us an indication of whether we can upright, transfer, or burn

20:00 A Recent Run with Mike

  • Mixed load truck was carrying sodium hydroxide in liquid form in a poly barrel
  • Shifted and splashed onto the driver, who was burned and had to go to the hospital
  • Significant leak was happening at this point
  • Ended up pumping poly tank out into an empty tank holding the same product
  • Overpacked the tank, sucked the product out of the street, and overpacked that
  • Mike treated this like an everyday run since they encounter a lot of fuel spills
  • They didn’t fill the rest of the team in on their thought process from start to finish, which wasn’t a good thing
  • Mike failed to initiate the hazmat huddle – didn’t get feedback from other team members or get everybody on the same page
  • When we don’t do a hazmat huddle, we’re likely to do things inefficiently and people can get hurt

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