The HazMat Guys

We got a chance to sit down with Steve Haise from All Safe Industries and discussed the things they are doing to improve the landscape of the Emergency and Industrial Chemical Response Field. Take a listen to learn the fascinating story of All Safe Industries and develop a comprehensive understanding of the training and products they can provide..

Show Notes

1:04 Steve Haise Background With All Safe Industries

  • Founded All Safe in 1996. Started with humbling beginnings, utilizing small guest room and storage unit
  • Coordinated with OSHA and saw a need for detection instruments
  • Gravitated towards gas detection and has been main focus of the company

5:30 Evolution of All Safe Industries

  • All Safe has always been customer service focused and has evolved from small fire schools to large fire departments to the FDIC
  • Meters have evolved in complexity to serve the unique needs of regional fire departments

10:30 What Are The Unique Things That All Safe Can Bring To The Table For The Emergency Services Community?

  • We created “In Case” calibration for our meters
  • Built this product out of necessity after seeing the needs for fire departments
  • If a meter could be charged and calibrated more quickly, we felt it would really benefit the end customer
  • It’s a simple

13:30 What Are The Trends Of The Detection Industry And Where Do You See It Going?

  • Detection has expanded beyond gases into RAMAN technologies that enable you to detect all types of matter
  • The top of the pyramid is “Field Ready GCMS” which will be cutting edge technology

16:30 What Advice Would You Give to New Technicians?

  • Be curious and read the instruction manuals
  • Understand your field and be willing to figure out how to solve different needs
  • Ask tons of questions and focus on the details

19:30 All Safe Is Veteran Owned

  • Steve Haise was in the Navy went from an enlistee to E-9 (one of the highest ranks for an enlistee)
  • Familiar with chain of command and discovered the importance with attention to detail through the armed forces
  • All Safe Industries has a GSA Contract and provides great equipment with first responders

21:50 What Is On The Horizon For All Safe Industries?

  • Growth is accelerating which is a pleasant surprise over 23 years
  • On Inc 5000 list, sales numbers are indicative of this massive acceleration
  • We have placed a huge emphasis on training and feel that this is the most important part of selling equipment to ensure it could be used in an efficient manner

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