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We had the opportunity to catch up with Chris Skrocki and Steve Tymoszuk from FLIR to find out what’s new in the Radionuclide Detection world and what there is to offer. Exciting stuff!

FLIR is the world’s leading manufacturer of Radionuclide Identification Devices (RIDs) and has recently introduced the identiFINDER R425. The identiFINDER R425 builds upon the simple to use identiFINDER R400 with a further 3x the gamma sensitivity, 2x neutron sensitivity, a free app to monitor the R425 and transfer files, and a long interval once fielded before factory service.

Show Notes:

1:00 Introductions

  • Steve Tymoszuk, Product Manager of all things radiation at FLIR
  • Been with FLIR for 16 years
  • Chris Skrocki, Regional Sales Manager (Detection Side of FLIR)
  • Been with FLIR with 14 years

2:00 Radionuclide Identification Devices & Gamma/Neutron Radiation

4:00 When Do You Use (RID’s) In the Field?

6:35 Background History On FLIR & RID’s

8:30 Homeland Security Assessments of RID’s

  • identiFINDER R400 was ranked #1 in this assessment

10:00 Underwater Detection Modifications

11:11 Description of identiFINDER R425

12:12 How Does The Technology Work?

13:00 Durability of Detection Devices

13:40 What Is Familiar Between The Different Devices? Is the Interface The Same?

15:30 BlueTooth Capabilities with identiFINDER 425. Integrate with App?

18:08 Cost Of Devices?

19:00 What’s The Set Up Time For Devices?

22:35 FREE FLIR Webinars on Devices

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