THMG250 – Operationally a blurry line

Like many episodes that are inspired by our audience, this began with a question that led us down a blackhole of finding a solution. Take a listen and ponder the question you may never have thought of.

Show Notes:

0:00 Celebrating 250th Episode!

4:00 What Is The Difference Between Operation Level And Technician Level?

4:30 What Would Differentiate Between Offensive And Defensive? What Is The Real Difference?

6:00 What About Mitigation?

7:00 Where Do We Justify Operation Level Firefighters To Deal With A Gas Leak and CO Emergency?

8:00 Is There A Legal Standing To Allow Operators To Enter All Environments And Where Do You Draw The Line?

  • How do you know what scenarios are acceptable (offensive/defensive) (operations vs technician)

11:30 Toxicity Scenarios

13:45 Should Ops Have Limited Scope In Certain Situations?

18:25 Confined Spaces Laws

22:00 When Can An Ops Guy Do Mitigation? Do They Have To Be Supervised by a Technician?

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