The HazMat Guys

We get a chance to chat with Zumro’s Tom Cushing to chat about next level, emergency tents and what they could do for the HazMat community and emergency services. A truly amazing company where we enjoyed diving into the history, technology, and current offerings. Take a listen!

Show Notes:

2:20 Introduction to Zumro

3:30 The HazMat Guys Experiences With Zumro

  • Very convenient in being able to set up with one person
  • LED lighting installed, water connections, and plumbing
  • Strong, Rapid Deployment, and Durable

4:40 Where Did The Name Zumro Originate From?

  • 5 letters of the original founder’s last names
  • Saw a vision for rapidly deployable tents in the emergency services
  • Initially adopted by HazMat to be utilized as a “decon” shelter
  • Started as a decontamination tent, but was evolved and is currenlty utilized by law enforcement, military, dive teams, and hospital
  • Decon Tents to Field Hospitals

9:00 How Does The Technology Work?

  • Amazing technology that utilizes low pressure to inflate tents (3.5 PSI)
  • Can change valve on tent without having to take it down
  • You can leave ZUMRO tents up for days and even weeks without having to inflate it

11:15 Why Do You Believe Your Products Are Essential To The HazMat And Emergency Services Community?

  • ZUMRO adjust their products to their clients and have developed unique solutions for complex needs

12:30 What Has Been The Biggest Challenge Zumro Has Faced During The Coronavirus Pandemic? How Have You Guys Evolved Your Business To Meet The Increased Demand?

  • Manufacturer is based in Florida and had to hire lots of people to meet demand while protecting their health

15:50 What Do Firefighters And Hazmat Like Best About Your Products?

  • Our clients love how robust our tents are while being low maintenance
  • Space savings: With Zumro, everything is put into one bag and saves a tremendous amount of space on a truck or plane.
  • Line of Duty Injuries: You don’t have to worry about injuries with set up as it is very easy to deploy
  • Have seen tents as old as 25 years old still being used in the field. Our tents are built to last
  • Tents have a lot of easy, quick fixes if they were accidents in the field due to the low PSI.

24:00 What Is The Most Rewarding Part Of Serving The First Responder Community?

  • Love the amount of personalization within this business that is so rewarding. Love working with front line employees that are committed to serving and making their lives easier.
  • Can’t imagine working for any other industry

26:00 What’s Next For Zumro? Any Product Launches Or Initiatives?

  • Developing Infection Control Tents with negative pressure
  • World has changed quickly with coronavirus and we meet the needs of our clients
  • Building rapid testing COVID tents to meet the current demand

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