THMG252 – The New ERG’s are in

With 2020 going the way it has, it’s nice to have some good news. A modest Emergency Response Guide update and discussion into the new changes and evolution of the guide.

Show Notes:

3:45 Release of 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook

5:30 Changes In The New 2020 ERG

  • Put a lot more information into the white pages. Serves as a better index to the rest of the book
  • White pages are a great resource which serves as a springboard
  • Decontamination (p. 362) is a great section that gives basic functions for operation level
  • Better updated section for protective clothing
  • Great section on lithium batteries and a lot of new materials that have been excluded in past guides
  • Honed in on terrorist situations to help prepare for the modern world
  • Integrated top views of railcars

12:30 Blue & Yellow Pages (Added new UN #’s)

  • Reevaluation of polymerization

14:30 Orange Section (Play by Play of What To Do)

  • Added 34 materials into the orange guide
  • Added a “how to use” the orange guides which makes it a lot easier
  • Changed specific guide numbers and will need to update curriculum
  • Added Canada on the front of the guide
  • Safety distances have been updated in the guide
  • Added the word “Caution” with many different compounds in addition to new polymerization information

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