THMG256 – October 2020 mailbag

We took a look in the mailbag and decided to clear a few things up. In this one, we discuss a little more about operations level performance and chat about the merit of wet chemistry

Show Notes:

3:00 Why Should I Have Wet Chemistry When We Have Other Fancy Identification Tools?

  • Wet chemistry sets were designed in the early 80s, prior to the creation of FTIR and other modern meters
  • Fancy meters have strengths and weaknesses (just like and other product). You have to be aware of limitations with modern technology
  • Wet Chemistry is far less expensive and accessible for most departments
  • Wet chemistry helps you drill on the basics of chemistry which is very helpful in utilizing modern technology

17:45 What One Event Would Really Make You Nervous?

  • Biological Event (forget coronavirus)

23:30 If We Wanted To Start A Dedicated Stand By Team For Our Rescue Team, Where Would We Start? Is A Firefighter Good Enough?

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