THMG263 – Tiered Response with John Cassidy

Its been 5 years in the making, but we finally got a chance to sit down with an old friend John Cassidy of the FDNY. We have a chat on tiered response which allows departments and counties better coverage on an incident. This is the intro, wait for more!

Show Notes:

3:00 Bob & Peloton Group

4:30 John Cassidy Introduction

5:50 What Is Tiered Response?

  • Takes a lot of money, training, and logistics to create a Hazmat technician. Tiered response is a strategy to get more people to contribute in more efficient ways
  • Tiered response can work in a variety of different types of areas

8:00 Tiered Response In The FDNY

  • One department cannot serve a large city center. After the Tokyo Serin gas incident, needed a better strategy with how to immobilize firefighters to handle a massive response
  • Most firefighters are taught about decontamination and basic safety measures. Technician units are in charge of leading the strategy and adapting when needed
  • Mission Specific Competencies serve as the core of the Tiered Response

15:00 Different Levels Of Tiered Response

  • Creating “master helpers” within mission specific competencies

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