THMG285 – The Best Part of Waking Up…Is CO In Your Cup!

We take a trip into one of those “You Don’t even know you don’t know” situations. This is a drill you can put on the table at the station and look like an ALL-STAR!

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2 thoughts on “THMG285 – The Best Part of Waking Up…Is CO In Your Cup!”

  1. Great show. I came across the topic about a year ago in Fire Engineering, March 2020, “Determining the Source of Carbon Monoxide Levels at a Roasted Coffee Facility”. After reading the article, I “Google” the topic and as mentioned in your podcast, there was a wealth of information. NIOSH published a report on the topic- “Evaluation of exposures and respiratory health at a coffee roasting and packaging facility and associated café”. Report No. 2016-0067-3313
    April 2018

  2. Excellent point!

    I was amazed at finding this as well. It’s funny to find the stuff you didn’t even know what you didn’t know…

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