The HazMat Guys

Whether you’re interested in hazardous materials, need a refresher on hazmat training, or fall somewhere in between, one thing’s for certain — the Hazmat Guys are your best resource! Run by two FDNY firefighters with extensive knowledge and experience in hazardous materials response, there isn’t a better resource for hazmat information online. Keep reading to learn what the Hazmat Guys can offer you, then tune in to our next podcast episode!

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Online Hazmat Courses

With certifications in hazardous materials, the Hazmat Guys are highly knowledgeable on all aspects of hazmat topics. That’s why we’re pleased to offer online hazmat courses to those in need of training or education. We take a unique approach that will keep you engaged, and our interactive conferences will provide you with everything you need to know.

In-Person Hazmat Training

If online hazmat training isn’t for you, the Hazmat Guys are pleased to offer dynamic in-person hazardous material training. We keep our students’ attention by making each course exciting, and we help everyone gain a better understanding of difficult hazmat concepts. You can invite us to speak at your school, business, or upcoming conference event.

Free Hazmat Podcast

In addition to our hazmat courses, the Hazmat Guys are excited to share the Hazmat Guys Podcast. On our show, we share thoughtful discussions on the latest hazmat technologies, techniques, and news. We also feature debates, tutorials, and interviews with local first responders. Did we mention our podcast is free to subscribe to?

Space for Hazmat Education

As pioneers in our field, the Hazmat Guys strive to build a space for our community to learn and interact. We encourage our podcast listeners to share their thoughts and ideas with us, and we invite our followers to engage with us through forums and our social media channels. The Hazmat Guys community is a central hub for hazmat education!

Whether you work with hazardous materials or you’re just interested in learning about them, the Hazmat Guys are here for you. Check out our podcast or join our courses, and let us share our hazmat knowledge with you!

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