The HazMat Guys
FLIR R425 Underwater


The Teledyne / FLIR R425 Underwater Unboxing

Uncover the R425's capabilities, designed for precise radiation detection coupled with underwater protection. This course walks you through its features, setup, and operation, making it indispensable for professionals in a marine environment, environmental monitoring in high moisture locations, or places where you need a rugged radiation meter that won’t let you down. Elevate your underwater projects with expert insights on maximizing the R425's potential.

Includes lessons:

  • R425 Underwater | Part 1 | 10.5 minutes
  • R425 Underwater | Part 1 | 5 minutes
  • R425 Underwater | Part 1 | 9 minutes
  • R425 Underwater | Part 1 | 8.5 minutes
  • R425 Underwater | Part 1 | 1 minute

0.5 hours of Continuing education credits will be awarded upon successful completion

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