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In our first episode, Mike was able to whip up a quick report for the Forestville, MD Strip Mall Explosion back in May 2009. We take a brief look into the incident history and give ideas to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


As the baton of hazmat expertise is handed to the next generation, we realized the importance of understanding the origins of hazmat response through the narratives of those who were pioneers in the field. Experience the stories and learn the rationale behind current practices directly from the innovators who established them. It’s a unique chance to grasp why we do what we do, shaped by the founders of our protocols.  


There was a moment when the topic of lithium-ion battery response burst onto the hazmat scene, quickly becoming a dominant subject. Along with its rise came a plethora of myths and unproven methods. We decided it was crucial to sift through the noise, testing various “theories” and “best practices” to uncover the truth.Here, you’ll find conversations with experts involved in those tests and their discoveries. Our commitment remains strong: to deliver the facts, steering clear of the sales pitch. 


Check out the Google Drive Folder filled with battery response resources, available to you for free. Then check out some of the products and solutions used during our latest episodes of Battery Destroyers Club!


Mark your calendars for our monthly live show, an interactive event where a quartet of seasoned hazmat experts unravel the latest and most pressing issues in the hazardous materials domain. This is your chance to engage directly with the professionals, share your thoughts, and ask questions in real-time. Together, we’ll navigate through new developments, challenging scenarios, and innovative solutions in the Hazmat field, making each session a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding and contribute to the conversation. Don’t miss out on this dynamic platform to connect, learn, and fuel the ongoing discussion in the world of Hazmat. 


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Ready to explore the world of The Haz Mat Guys podcast? Find us on any major podcast aggregator to start listening. If you have favorite platforms, we’re also available on Spotify and iTunes Podcasts, along with other top podcast outlets. For those who want the direct route, our website and the THMG app in your preferred App Store are waiting for you. Wherever you choose to tune in, your next episode is just a click away! 

How can I listen to episodes of The Haz Mat Guys podcast that are over a year old?

All aboard the time machine! Episodes released in the past year are yours to enjoy for free, available in audio format for all listeners. But if you’re looking to dive into the archives, those golden oldies (episodes over a year old) are nestled in our premium section. To unlock this treasure trove, you’ll need to join the ranks of our premium members. Ready to sign up and explore? Click here to get started on your premium journey!

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Do you offer in-person training?

You bet! Our in-person training opportunities cover the spectrum, from basic courses like Operations Level Refreshers to advanced sessions such as Radiation Specialist. The Haz Mat Guys team isn’t just about delivering information; we’re focused on making sure it sticks. With our experienced crew leading the way, we combine knowledge with a dynamic approach to ensure you remember what you learn. 

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Can I be a guest on the podcast?

Absolutely, as long as you’re not a snooze-fest!

We thrive on stories from the field and love to have guests share their experiences. Think of it like a firehouse kitchen table chat, where you’re passing on crucial insights to the broader community.

Concerned about your department’s social media policy? No worries. We’re seasoned in navigating those waters with clever use of “allegedly” and by playing roles to keep things anonymous. In short, we’ve got your back and are here to make sure your stories can be shared without a hitch.

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How did you guys become so amazing?

Ah, the million-dollar question! After much contemplation (and numerous fan inquiries), we’ve boiled it down to a few theories. First off, let’s talk genetics—think of it as hitting the amazingness jackpot. Picture a Punnett square where every outcome spells ‘A-M-A-Z-I-N-G‘. Yep, that’s us, thanks to a solid lineage of exceptionally cool genes. 

For the nurture over nature crowd, it’s all about our environment. Our work conditions have been the perfect mold, shaping us into the awe-inspiring figures we are today. 

And then, there’s the theory that might just trump them all: maybe it’s not about being amazing at all. Perhaps it’s just our booming voices and the art of speaking with confidence that sets us apart.

Whatever the case, we’re here, we’re loud, and we’re loving every moment of sharing our journey with you!