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In today’s dynamic world, mastering HazMat response shouldn’t be a dry, solitary journey. With The Haz Mat Guys, dive into an immersive in-person training experience that brings learning to life. Our comprehensive courses, led by experienced professionals, offer hands-on practice and real-world scenarios to ensure you’re not just engaged, you’re prepared.

Complementing our primary in-person sessions, our online learning management system serves as a valuable secondary resource. It’s designed with today’s responders in mind, featuring engaging nano-learning™ modules, interactive content, and quizzes that are surprisingly fun. This blend of in-person depth and online convenience ensures that every lesson is not only informative but also a pleasure to undertake. Experience the excitement of learning both in the classroom and online, where education is not just endured but enjoyed.


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How do I take an online class?

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      Can an entire department take an online class together?

      Absolutely! We’re all about supporting the growth of entire departments, not just individuals. Here’s the scoop: 

      • Bulk Enrollment: Your whole department can join a specific course together. We make it easy to get everyone on board. 

      • Private, Branded Portal: We offer a dedicated space for your department with a custom, branded portal. This allows for seamless department oversight and management.

      • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether it’s the volume or content of the courses, we customize our offerings to align with what your department needs.

      • Custom Features: Looking for specific features in your department’s Learning Management System (LMS)? We’ve got you covered with a variety of custom options to enhance your learning experience. 


      Do you offer in-person training?

      You bet! Our in-person training opportunities cover the spectrum, from basic courses like Operations Level Refreshers to advanced sessions such as Radiation Specialist. The Haz Mat Guys team isn’t just about delivering information; we’re focused on making sure it sticks. With our experienced crew leading the way, we combine knowledge with a dynamic approach to ensure you remember what you learn. 

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      Meet Our Trainers

      Beyond Bobby and Mike, our trainers are among the elite in the HazMat field. At The Haz Mat Guys, we take our reputation seriously, ensuring every instructor passes a stringent selection process and ongoing challenges to stay sharp and relevant. Chosen for their deep experience, exceptional presentation skills, and ability to engage learners, our instructors are the crème de la crème.

      We simply do not hire the B-Team.

      Stephen Kotlarchyk

      Stephen was appointed to the FDNY in 2007, became a HazMat Tech in 2017, and is currently assigned to HazMat Co 1. He was in the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 2001-2013 as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Specialist, serving two tours in Iraq. 

      Rob Rezende

      BC Robert Rezende serves as the Hazmat Program Manager at the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. A HazMat responder since 2008, he currently oversees a team of 80 Hazmat Specialists and Technicians.

      Matt Sabini

      Appointed to FDNY in May 2005, Matt spent 15 years at Engine Co. 71 in the South Bronx before transferring to HazMat Co. 1 in January 2020. Matt is an instructor at the FDNY Haz Mat School and serves as a HazMat Specialist and instructor adjunct on NY Task Force 1 FEMA USAR team.

      Anthony Perrone

      Anthony joined the FDNY in 2006 and has been a HazMat Tech since 2007. He serves as a Program Coordinator, Program Developer, and Lead Instructor for the FDNY HazMat School. He has been teaching since 2017 for the FDNY and the IAFF since 2022.

      Josh Reder

      Josh trained to be a HazMat Specialist for the FDNY in 2005. He has been teaching HazMat since 2007 with the FDNY, became a master instructor for the IAFF in 2013, and has been instructing and learning ever since.

      Mark Hamilton

      Mark was appointed to FDNY in 1991 and promoted to Lieutenant in 2002. He was detailed to Haz Mat Operations to teach for one year from 2003-2004 and has been teaching HazMat Operations ever since. Mark was assigned to HazMat Co. 1 in 2018 until retirement in 2022.

      Chris Johnson

      Chris has 20+ years in the fire service, 15 with Dutchess County HazMat holding the title of HazMat Specialist. During the last decade, he has travelled across NY teaching HazMat response. He has a wide range of experience, including working on industrial sites, code enforcement and emergency planning.


      Todd Burton

      Since 1999, Todd has been a key member of the SoCal Hazmat team. He offers specialized courses throughout California, renowned for his unique demonstrations and dynamic teaching approach.

      John Chavette

      A former HazMat Tech for Nassau County, NY, John retired in 2021 as a sergeant in the NYPD ESU. John’s instruction experience includes ESU HazMat and Nassau County HazMat.

      Bill Daly

      Bill joined the New York City Police Department in 1999. With only seven years on, he was accepted into NYPD’s elite emergency services unit (ESU). He has been teaching WMD and hazardous materials Response for Law enforcement since 2015.

      Training Dates


      Ever wonder where we are? Honestly, sometimes we do too. Peek into the very calendar we use to track our whereabouts, whether we’re leading an in-person course, hitting the road, or attending a conference close to you. It’s your inside look at our schedule! 

      Got an event you’re wanting to see us at but don’t see it on the calendar? Send us a message!