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THMG115a – DuPont Brings Us NFPA Garments Explained

This bonus episode is jam-packed with brilliant takeaways. Dan Bowen from DuPont explains the process of obtaining a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) garment...

THMG088 – Fentanyl, Part IV: Analysis from The HazMat Guys

In this episode, we review our three fentanyl episodes and expand on some of the points they brought up. Complete Show Notes 3:30 Observations and Realizations Fentanyl...

THMG056 – 29 CFR OSHA PPE Selection, Part I

In this continuing series on Haz Mat Law, we explore the reasons why we have and how we should use the PPE we have.

THMG039 – PPE Selection Secrets, Part I

In this episode, Mike and Bobby Discuss the points for consideration for PPE selection, and the reasons why we go into what we go into...