Friday, February 22, 2019
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THMG167 – Hot Wash: Leaking Batteries

In this hot wash episode, Bob and Mike discuss and analyze a listener-submitted leaking battery incident. Thank to our sponsors, CavCom, Inc. and First Line...

THMG159 – Hot Wash: Propane, Part I

In this hot wash episode, Bob and Mike break down a listener-submitted propane incident and discuss how to handle multiple issues at once. Thank to...

THMG140 – Tips for Responding to Mixed Loads

In this episode, we discuss a range of tips to help you respond safely to and operate efficiently at mixed load transportation incidents. Thank to...

THMG129 – Fuel Blending Case Study

In this episode, Mike explores an oxidizer/fuel explosion with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Take a listen! Complete Show Notes 2:10 Mike’s Selected Case Study Monday, March...

ATHMG007 – Ask the Haz Mat Guys, Episode VII

In this episode, we answer the following questions: Will vapors burn in a drum? Why can't I see propane tank levels with a TIC? What are the...

THMG073 – Leaking Tanks 2.0

We continue down the Leaking tanks tunnel to find out some more on this topics.

THMG015 – Advanced Metering

In this episode, Mike and Bob discuss the advanced metering technologies that are available on the market today. Though there may be some heavy science behind the technology, we try to break it down the basics for ease of understanding.