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THMG188 – More PPE Selection Secrets

In this episode, Bob and Mike share some helpful PPE selection secrets that came to light after they participated in a recent drill. Thank you...

THMG172 – Scrubbin’ Some Ammonia

In this episode, Bob and Mike explore a real life ammonia leak submitted by a listener. Thank to our sponsors, CavCom, Inc. and First Line...

THMG103 – Tier II Reporting for New York City Explained

Bob recently came across an interesting report on the Tier II reporting for the NYC area. Some of the numbers were a total shock...

THMG063 – Top 5 Chemicals That Will Hurt You

In this episode we discuss the top 5 chemicals that will hurt us, so bone up on these!

THMG017 – Meters IV: From Data to Action

In this Episode Mike and Bob put the final piece in the Meters 4 part series. We discuss what the mindset is from the point that you get a number on your display, and the methods and reasons behind what to do.

THMG002 – 12 Tips to Become a Better Hazmat Technician

We explore a few ways we have learned to up your technician game