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THMG192 – Ebola, Part II and Leaky Faucets

In this episode, Bob and Mike conclude their discussion of ebola. They also explore a listener-submitted incident involving CO and sinks. Thank you to our...

THMG149 – Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) Sensors

In this episode, Bob and Mike explore the world of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensors, which are used to detect toxic gasses. Thank to our...

Carbon Monoxide? A Lesson In Detection For The First Responder

Sometimes, things are not as they appear! Several years ago, a small local fire department responded to a private residence (single story ranch) for a...

THMG063 – Top 5 Chemicals That Will Hurt You

In this episode we discuss the top 5 chemicals that will hurt us, so bone up on these!