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THMG188 – More PPE Selection Secrets

In this episode, Bob and Mike share some helpful PPE selection secrets that came to light after they participated in a recent drill. Thank you...

THMG123 – Chemical Reactions

In this episode, Bob explores the different chemical reactions you may encounter and how they affect our response. Complete Show Notes 1:15 Overview of Chemical Reactions Chemical...

THMG102 – Absorbents vs. Adsorbents

In this episode, we learn some very valuable information about the differences between absorbents and adsorbents. Complete Show Notes 6:30 Introduction to Adsorbents and Absorbents “-sorption” refers...

THMG098a – DuPont Brings Us Chemical Protective Suits Explained

In this extra episode, we chat with DuPont resident expert Dan Bowen. We discuss how DuPont chemical protective suits are tested, which standards they're...

THMG067 – Acid / Base Titration

We expand on a previously briefly covered topic that seems to get entry teams in trouble on a constant basis. Take a journey with us through some real world experience and hard fought lessons.

ATHMG002 – Ask the Haz Mat Guys, Episode II

In this episode, we answer the following questions: Which type of propane leak is more dangerous: gas or liquid? Where should the new person on a...

THMG010 – Solubility

In this episode Mike and Bob go back into the science side of the coin to review a basic, yet very much misunderstood term in Haz Mat. Thanks for listening!

THMG006 – Corrosives

In this episode we discuss the nuts and bolts of Corrosives.