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THMG108 – Water-Reactive Substances

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss water-reactive substances and how they affect us as hazmat technicians. Complete Show Notes 4:40 Why Do Some Substances React...

THMG078 – Placards and Labels, Part I

In the first episode of this two-part series, Mike and Bob explore the wonderful world of placards and labels. Complete Show Notes 3:30 Why Placards Matter Placards...

THMG031 – DOT 412 Tankers

In this rather short episode, we review one of the over-the-road containers that are prevalent.

THMG014 – Metering Overview and Basic Sensors

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the enormous amount of information that this topic is, and the way we will try to explain the technologies and techniques in monitoring in general.

THMG006 – Corrosives

In this episode we discuss the nuts and bolts of Corrosives.

THMG004 – Toxics, Part II

In this episode we will be finishing up the remainder of the Toxics section and getting some clarifications of what we are doing..