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THMG189 – Hot Wash: Mega Mercury Spill

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss a listener-submitted mercury spill. Thank you to our sponsors, CavCom, Inc., First Line Technology, and All Safe Industries. Our...

THMG182 – Hot Wash: Nitric Acid & Acetone

In this hot wash episode, Bob and Mike explore a listener-submitted incident involving a nitric acid and acetone explosion. Thank to our sponsors, CavCom, Inc.,...

THMG178 – Hot Wash: CO2 Incident & Acid Bath

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss two different runs - one related to CO2 and one related to muriatic acid. After each run,...

THMG048 – APIE, Part V

We're finishing up the Haz Mat Thought Process that we call APIE.

THMG027 – Decontamination, Part IV

In this episode, Mike and Bob sweep up the last crumbs and finish up the final points of decon before we go into EMS and Hospital.

THMG026 – Decontamination, Part III

In this episode Mike and Bob Continue on our journey of discussing the various methods of cleaning nouns.

THMG025 – Decontamination, Part II

In this episode Bob and Mike begin to speak about the different techniques that we employ to decontaminate nouns. Yup, nouns, take a listen.

THMG024 – Decontamination, Part I

In this episode Bob and Mike start off a multi-part series on all aspects of Decontamination. From the whys, all the way to the hospital.