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THMG184 – Leaking MC331 Scenario, Part II

In this episode, Bob and Mike wrap up their review of an overturned MC 331 tanker scenario. Thank to our sponsors, CavCom, Inc., First Line...

THMG182 – Hot Wash: Nitric Acid & Acetone

In this hot wash episode, Bob and Mike explore a listener-submitted incident involving a nitric acid and acetone explosion. Thank to our sponsors, CavCom, Inc.,...

THMG175 – Shelter in Place Concepts, Part I

In part one of a two-part series, Bob and Mike discuss the seemingly-constant struggle of deciding whether to shelter in place or evacuate. Thank to...

THMG109 – Chemical Suicide Scenarios, Part I

In this episode, we answer a listener's question about what to do when approaching a chemical suicide scene inside an apartment building. Mike gives...

THMG108 – Water-Reactive Substances

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss water-reactive substances and how they affect us as hazmat technicians. Complete Show Notes 4:40 Why Do Some Substances React...

THMG080 – Bakken Crude Derailment with Chad Hawkins

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss a Bakken crude derailment that took place in Oregon with Chad Hawkins. Complete Show Notes 1:55 Introduction to Chad...

THMG053 – Hazmat Weather with Bob Metcalfe from The Firefighter Podcast

In this episode Bob interview the host of the Firefighters Podcast (and meteorologist) Bob Metcalf and discussed the impact of Weather on Haz Mat Scenes

THMG036 – ERG Review with The Firefighter Podcast

In this mash up episode we join forces with Bob Metcalfe from THE FIREFIGHTERS PODCAST and review the brand new ERG and what was improved on. Great refresher for those of you who haven't taken a look at it for a while!

THMG035 – WMD, Part II

In part two of a two part series on WMD we start discussing and breaking down various terms.

THMG030 – Polymerization

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss a technical topic, and really try to keep it simple. How did we do?