First Responders

THMG112 – Chernobyl Case Study Play in new windowIn this episode, Bob explores the Chernobyl disaster through an article from the Autumn 2011 edition of CBRNe World. It was written by Steve Johnson and read with the permission of the CBRNe News staff. 2:25 – Article Introduction Firefighters risk their lives on a daily basis – heroism is in …

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THMG085a: FLIR Brings Us PRIMED and the New G510 Play in new windowIn this extra episode, we chat with FLIR about their new innovations – PRIMED and the new G510. Complete Show Notes 1:05 Episode Introduction FLIR PRIMED is a video series designed for first responders and people on the ground 2-3 minute videos on a variety of subjects – some are sent …

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THMG001 – Introductions and Intents Play in new windowWelcome to the first episode of our podcast! Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you’ll stay with us for future episodes! Complete Show Notes 0:40 Audience and Goals Geared towards first responders and designed to gather and link them across the country Won’t cover textbook topics – instead, the focus …

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