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THMG109 – Chemical Suicide Scenarios, Part I

In this episode, we answer a listener's question about what to do when approaching a chemical suicide scene inside an apartment building. Mike gives...

THMG103a – High-Pressure Mass Spectrometry with 908 Devices

We talk to Dr. Mark Norman from 908 Devices about the new and expanded capabilities of high-pressure mass spectrometry. With the launch of MX908,...

THMG014 – Metering Overview and Basic Sensors

In this episode Mike and Bob discuss the enormous amount of information that this topic is, and the way we will try to explain the technologies and techniques in monitoring in general.

THMG003 – Toxics, Part I

In this episode we discuss the hazards of Toxics and what they mean to you. We broke this topic into 2 segments.