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THMG180 – Meter purchasing pitfall avoidance

We sit down with our good friend Dr. Eric Roy who explains the common pitfalls and caveats with purchasing a meter and...

THMG157 – Chemical Agent Monitors, Part II

In this episode, Bob and Mike continue their discussion of chemical agent monitors. Thank to our sponsor, CavCom, Inc.. Our hazardous materials training manual, National Emergency...

THMG156 – Chemical Agent Monitors, Part I

In this episode, Bob and Mike review a few of the chemical agent monitor options out there. Some are out of service, some are...

THMG072 – 10 Tips to Become a Better Mercury Technician

Part 2 of Mercury, learn from us how to handle the actual emergency.

THMG028 – Decontamination, Part V: EMS with Will Bedoya

In this episode Mike and Bob bring on one of our colleagues from Haz Mat EMS Will Bedoya to discuss what happens with patients and the thoughts on decon from the warm zone to the hospital.