Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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THMG150 – Hot Wash: Pool Chlorine

In this hot wash episode, Mike explores an interesting topic submitted by a loyal listener in the Midwest. Thank to our sponsors - CBRNE Convergence...

THMG071 – Meter Reading, Sensor Response, and Measurement Metering Ranges

In this follow-up episode, we continue to discuss what the meters are talking about, and how you can be better at speaking for them.

THMG069 – Knowing and Understanding Units of Measurement

In this much needed episode we delve into the units of measurement and how you can stay out of trouble and sound very knowledgeable on the radio.

THMG063 – Top 5 Chemicals That Will Hurt You

In this episode we discuss the top 5 chemicals that will hurt us, so bone up on these!

THMG059 – Hydrogen Sulfide, Part I

In this episode we begin to explore the most common chemicals that we in the streets respond to. We begin this with Hydrogen Sulfide.