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THMG176 – Shelter in Place Concepts, Part II

In part two of a two-part series, Bob and Mike discuss the seemingly-constant struggle of deciding whether to shelter in place or evacuate. Thank to...

THMG124 – SL-1 Radiation Fatalities with Gail Carter

In this episode, Bob and Mike talk to hazmat specialist Gail Carter about the first and only nuclear radiation fatalities in the United States....

THMG076 – TRACEM, Part I

We explore the ol’ standby TRACEM, and how it addresses the hazards that we encounter as Techs.

THMG071 – Meter Reading, Sensor Response, and Measurement Metering Ranges

In this follow-up episode, we continue to discuss what the meters are talking about, and how you can be better at speaking for them.

THMG070 – Basic Hazmat Radiation with Bobby Shelton

We reach out to our good friend Bobby Shelton to review his recent article in FE in regards to Radiation. Check it out.

ATHMG003 – Ask the Haz Mat Guys, Episode III

In this episode, we answer the following questions: How does humidity affect our metering devices? Why can't we calculate water density using molecular weight? Can we transport...

THMG069 – Knowing and Understanding Units of Measurement

In this much needed episode we delve into the units of measurement and how you can stay out of trouble and sound very knowledgeable on the radio.

THMG068 – 6 Tips to Become a Better Radiation Technician

In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of being more proficient on radiation monitoring.

THMG019 – Wives’ Tales of Haz Mat

In this episode we discuss the stories and “facts” about our line of work, and how sometimes they don't always add up when put under the microscope.

THMG017 – Meters IV: From Data to Action

In this Episode Mike and Bob put the final piece in the Meters 4 part series. We discuss what the mindset is from the point that you get a number on your display, and the methods and reasons behind what to do.