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THMG122 – Liquids, Part II

In this episode, we discuss solubility, miscibility, specific gravity, slurries, emulsions, and more! Complete Show Notes 4:10 Solutions A physical mixing of compounds into a homogeneous mixture Homogeneous...

THMG111 – Functional Groups: Alcohols

In this episode, Bob and Mike discuss alcohols, which are part of functional groups. Complete Show Notes 4:45 What is a Functional Group? Group of atoms that...

THMG075 – Boyle, Henry, Charles, and Dalton

Meet our friends, and their pet gas laws. Good to know.

THMG044 – APIE, Part II

We continue try to break the incredibly overwhelming task of decision making down to a simple flow better known as APIE. This will be a multi-part series that you won't want to miss.

THMG010 – Solubility

In this episode Mike and Bob go back into the science side of the coin to review a basic, yet very much misunderstood term in Haz Mat. Thanks for listening!