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THMG148 – Hydrofluoric Acid Series, Part II: Interview with Stephen McManus

In this episode, Mike talks to Stephen McManus about a few of the more memorable hydrofluoric acid incidents he’s been involved with. Thank to our...

THMG090 – Cylinders, Part II

In this episode, Bob and Mike continue their discussion of cylinders. Complete Show Notes 4:20 Cylinder Standards and Laws Most of these laws are developed by the...

THMG089 – Cylinders, Part I

In this episode, we lay the groundwork for our exploration of the cylinder world. Complete Show Notes 2:40 Liquefied Gasses Liquefied gasses are gasses under normal circumstances,...

THMG038 – Cryogenics, Part II

Completing this miniseries of Cryogenics, Mike and Bob discuss a growing hazard to operators in the field. Its nice to be cold in the summer?