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THMG147 – Hydrofluoric Acid Series, Part I: Introductions

This is the first episode in a two-part series on hydrofluoric acid. In this episode, we explore this chemical a bit and set up...

THMG132 – Vapor Pressure vs. Volatility

In this episode, Bob and Mike explore the differences between vapor pressure and volatility. Thank to our sponsor, CBRNE Convergence World 2018. This show will...

THMG089 – Cylinders, Part I

In this episode, we lay the groundwork for our exploration of the cylinder world. Complete Show Notes 2:40 Liquefied Gasses Liquefied gasses are gasses under normal circumstances,...

THMG075 – Boyle, Henry, Charles, and Dalton

Meet our friends, and their pet gas laws. Good to know.

THMG044 – APIE, Part II

We continue try to break the incredibly overwhelming task of decision making down to a simple flow better known as APIE. This will be a multi-part series that you won't want to miss.