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Through podcasts, videos, in-person trainings, conferences, and e-courses, The Hazmat Guys provide concise, easy to understand information for all aspects of Hazardous Materials response.

We create a space to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences with colleagues, instructors, and students from across the world.

Why Us?

Tired of the same old trainings every year?

Falling asleep listening to your instructor drone on while clicking through a PowerPoint presentation ?

Their unique approach to educating members of the hazardous materials community has made The Haz Mat Guys pioneers in their field. From interactive conference presentations, to dynamic in-person trainings, to innovative online learning courses – you never know what The Guys are going to come up with next!

Fill out the form below to find out about our many course offerings. Afterward, you’ll be redirected to our calendar, where you’ll have the option to schedule a private one-on-one with the HazMat Guys!

Our Students Have Spoken

“Subject Matter Experts! I stumbled upon The HazMat Guys Podcast this week after seeing a facebook post from the Massachusetts HazMat conference. I’ve been listening to past episodes and I feel like I’ve gotten a much better understanding of a lot of concepts I didn’t quite understand before and some really excellent tradecraft tips. This show is an absolute must listen for all techs and teams.”
Inferno145 iTunes Review

“Awesome job aid and refresher. Bonus that the notes of the show are available! They actually make hazmat interesting and don’t put me to sleep!”
FEMA#5 iTunes Review

“Outstanding Podcasts! These guys are awesome and it’s what the community has needed for a long time. Bob and Mike take the topics, make them fun and make them real.”
jrwendell iTunes Review

“Great voice for the industry. These guys do a fantastic job trying to get to the core of issues that impact the HAZMAT community. They research & find experts from across the industry to deliver great podcasts on relevant topics. What else can you ask for?”
Mr jiggyfly 207 iTunes